Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
Model Melbourne trams

Sunday 16 November 2014

"Open up the gates!"

One of my many projects on this layout was to somehow animate the gates of the crossing square of Victoria Street, I do now believe that I am a step closer to fulfilment.

I have glanced over the possibility of using servo motors in the past, but had no real idea how to make it all happen, today I stumbled across the dark arts of Tam Valley Depot being offered by Brunel Hobbies at the Croydon Model Railway exhibition.

After parting with/investing some cash, I came home with a servo decoder and four servos, in the process of cooking the Sunday roast, I nutted out the how to put it together, then program this collection of components, and made it work as a proof of concept.

Some happy snaps...
 Blu Tak is a wonderful product.
The entertaining part will be fitting it under the module
and making it work.
Behold the wonder of technology.............(and dodgy video)

some tweaking will be required, but that's where the fun is.
From under the wires with a new way to spend money.

Tuesday 4 November 2014

My cup runneth over again..

 As per usual at this time of year I have engineered a week off to co-inside with the Melbourne Cup Carnival, and as per usual there is a punch list of stuff to do around the house that not only would choke a brown dog, but also a thoroughbred.

 While I am permitted to wander down to Flemington (with the bride) to catch up with mates, sample a few beverages, and give money to bookies, the off days include a burden of tasks to be completed to the satisfaction of the minister of war and finance.

 So here is my homage to the spring race season, traffic mayhem, punters everywhere,  unpredictable weather and trams.


Planning is in progress for the extension....

From under the wires, studying the form and from the only place that has a public holiday for a horse race.