Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
Model Melbourne trams

Sunday 7 July 2013

A Real Clanger

I have recently obtained the sound module from a promo item issued by Yarra Trams as part of an ongoing safety campaign. The item was a bright yellow foam rhino fitted with a sound module that sounds two beats of a tram gong.

The rhino campaign states that a tram is like up to thirty rhinos on a skate board, so therefore a 'look and listen' campaign. A subtle reminder for any pedestrian or motorist who decides to position themselves in front of a moving tram, that they are either a fool or a definite front runner for a Darwin Award.

Innocent enough.
The sound module is roughly an inch in diameter and three quarters of an inch thick, it is powered by two small lithium button batteries and is actuated by a small press button, given its size and 'disposability' it cranks out a decent set of clangs with a nice sustain.
So with a little bit of fitting and phaffing, and a new push button and some fresh batteries, it's all now fitted into the facia of the layout. (my first foray into sound...) The red push button is now a magnet for my kids, they push it, it goes clang clang, so they push it again, to them it's better fun and more addictive than bubble wrap!

The interactive display
I know, if I really wanted too, I could go into the full sound DCC sound caper, but I am having enough fun at the moment with my little gong button.
From under the wires and driving the missus mad.
Regards Glenn