Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
Model Melbourne trams

Saturday 23 November 2013

In the Pink (Now for something different) and a visitor.

As I wade through my fleet of trams and attempt to retrofit DCC and lights, I am also a Dad to a pair of girls, one pushing five and the other nudging three. Needless to say my life is surrounded by most things pink*.

The oldest has been haggling me about a 'tram' for her for a while, and it should be pink! This got me thinking...
  • one slightly ordinary Mehano trolley.
  • one of those plastic static German trams that seem to come attached to a card.
  • one NCE D13SRJ decoder.
  • one pantograph (found in the bits box)
  • a couple of LEDs and resistors.
  • and some phaffing around.
This loose collection of missed matched items are in the process of being cobbled together to create this, a cheap, durable tram that works and meets the design brief as stipulated (demanded!).

2312 (the pink tram) a work in progress
at the corner of Victoria St and Epsom Rd
Now for the cunning part, this tram has been tinkered with as so to allow trials in the operation of live overhead on DCC (pretty clever eh?)  The other thing is, with the plug in decoder, I can 'borrow' it if the need arises.
Also the oldest is in the process of birthday season, so a new member was added to the family, Sparky. A rather cheeky hand friendly budgie (parakeet).

Sparky poses on the Victoria St crossing square.
(so far he has not manage to 'deposit' any traffic hazards)
On the computer front, my brother in law, Mick ( a hoarder of technology) had in his collection of 'assets' had a spare computer monitor gathering dust, better in my study than eventually on the hard rubbish. Thanks Mick.
From under the wires and a couple of little thumbs and a few feathers.
*Disney Princesses, the house of mouse has lot to answer for.