Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
Model Melbourne trams

Friday 10 May 2013

Changing Tracks

To be quite honest, little has been done on Victoria Street in the last couple of months, There has been a career change, so after near on twenty five years on being in the maintenance engineering caper, including the usual field of self inflicted injuries (mashed thumbs, nasty lacerations, the odd sprain and/or strain and burns!!!!), my working life has taken another direction.

With the new gig, as they have a rather stringent social media policy, all I can say is that they operate differing shifts, run large 1:1 equipment and deal with all aspects of humanity*.

So when I finally get myself into some sort of pattern, the planned backlog of work will be tackled.

 The two yellow lines of facing points (Melbourne)
signifying a compulsory stop, so to observe the
setting and intended direction the tram will take before
proceeding. (like in life, look before you leap)
Photo courtesy of Vicsig.
*the diverse and interesting people of inner suburban Melbourne.
From under the wires,