Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
Model Melbourne trams

Sunday 3 February 2013

Time to get organised.

Several projects have been horribly neglected since becoming besotted with DCC, materials for other projects have stockpiled to the point that the domestic authorities are in the process of intervention.

  •  The illumination of Victoria Street, so far only one module has been completed, The Railway Station. The rest of the layout still resides in the dark ages.
  • The animation of the crossing gates.
  • The construction of several other classes of Melbourne trams, these will include the W2, X2, VR, PCC 1041 and a Z1/3, plus the reworking/painting of several existing models with the correct decals and the installation of DCC friendly lighting.
  • The construction of 2 to 3 more modules featuring back scenes such as residential, educational, and industrial to compliment the current retail, recreational and railway aspects, all with simple trackage to offer longer operational running.
  • The updating of the track wiring for DCC, and the elimination of terminal strips in favour of plugs and sockets.
So there it is in simple point form, I have to spend more time at the work bench and less time phaffing about  on the laptop, which reminds me of a couple photos I recently uploaded to flickr of shots in the dark.

 As shade of film noir.

 Now in living colour,

and at the other end of the 'only' lit module.

From under the wires,
Regards Glenn