Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
Model Melbourne trams

Wednesday 30 April 2014

Open door policy in the workshops

To some it sounds like a trendy theory about transparent management, but in the W class trams of Melbourne it is usually about air conditioning with a dash of human interaction with the travelling public.

The leading near side cab door in the open position offers the trammie some fresh air, and with both cab doors open allows the cross flow of a breeze on a stinking summers day. The trammie should have a firm grip of the controller and the brake handle, so he/she is unlikely to fall out at speed, and with the door open allows them to step out quickly and persuade the points into the intended direction, plus the odd chat with punters in safety zones regarding their inquiries about other trams not in control of that driver.

My second 812 with the Bachmann mechanism is in the process of being converted to DCC with lighting, but to avoid a clash with the Cooee 812, this tram will be renumbered 821 (modelled on W5-821 with its Met livery and two canvas doors in its drop centre).

The shell has had its saloon windows and doors removed, the cab at one end has had the door filed out on the leading near side, the cab door will be replaced by one made from styrene in the open position.

The now W5 821 undergoing some modifications
(painted dash and holes drilled for marker lights and 'air conditioning')
The Cooee SW5 812 is in the process of having the doors salvaged from the Bachmann 812 (now 821) fitted, as the supplied doors are incorrect, while this is taking place a tidy up of the interior and fibre optics to improve the effect of the hazard/indicator lights.
 Some housekeeping is required,
(Correct doors top left, supplied doors top middle)
And finally, the pink tram for the oldest daughter is now finished, resplendent in its pink livery, LED headlights, fibre optic tail lights and a funky disco saloon light the changes colour. The speed table has been adjusted so the top speed is more manageable for a five year old.
                       pink........                                    yellow.................

                                        and blue. 
funky saloon and tail lights
(yes, it was entertaining to fit)
Late Mail: Victoria Street can be now found on Facebook at
another work in progress
From under the wires and the workbench light.

Saturday 5 April 2014

Ménage à trois (no, it's not what you think!)

As one does occasionally, I decided to kill time by updating apps on the mobile, call it housekeeping if you want; however, the engine driver app on my android smart phone received its update (v2.8.2.), and now it offers a third throttle slot. Now I don't know if I am a servant to three masters or a master of three servants.

Given that I can run Victoria Street by a bog standard Powercab (v1.28) that has a two recall limit,  together with JMRI and a USB interface plus laptop I can push it a little further, then with either wi throttle/engine drive I can try to trip the current overload of the Powercab. Now with three slots per smartphone who knows what can happen.

A few photos of the new app in action, and yes there was the odd collision.

No good can come from this.

Cutting notches.
It's like herding cats plus spinning plates
at the same time.
I may not leave the house for a while.
from under the wires and irradiated by the wifi.
Regards Glenn.


Wednesday 2 April 2014

Autumn, football and some nice weather for a slide.

Autumn in Melbourne, the start of the football season, cool nights followed by pleasant days, and with being the most 'European' city in Australia has avenues and streets full of deciduous trees, that drop leaves in autumn.

Leaf litter and trams do not really get along, together with damp rails provide the hair raising conditions that can lead to wheel lock when braking resulting in a sudden dump of sand and some choice language from the driver.

The bride at her workplace has a digital die cutter, and for a bit of a test run, punched out some autumn leave for me, maple/plane tree type of leaves, while some were over scale, I had enough for a photo shoot. Now knowing this, I am now thinking of other items to be produced.

On the football front the doggies are back playing at their spiritual home, Whitten Oval (Footscray), their first game this Saturday since 1997 will be played for premiership points. Mind you, it is our VFL side, not our AFL team, nether the less, it's footy and it's local.

From under the wires then off to the game.