Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
Model Melbourne trams

Thursday, 15 January 2015

The ever expanding empire.

I have been busy, just like last year at about this time when I refurbished the man cave/study, this year has been no different, I am in the process of expanding the layout, and as you can guess, the clearance testing was a success.

An overview of the new/reworked modules connecting
with the rest of Victoria Street

With just a few alterations from the original draft, Victoria Street now features a now reworked fiddle yard which shall be called the 'Ammo Factory', in honour of the long history of the domestic armaments industry of the inner west of Melbourne, with a newly installed siding to cater for extra trams for shift changes and enthusiasts excursions.

This is fed by a set of reverse curves from the Victoria Street alignment, that has a spur line feeding a small three road depot that will be called the Albert Road (Westside) depot. All of which fits inside the prescribed boundary enforced by the domestic authorities.

Albert Road seems a pretty good fit with Victoria Street, aligning with the empirical nature of the times when a lot of subdivision of inner Melbourne took place, (for the record, I am not a royalist, but I reckon the Queen would be a nice lady to have chat to; however the rest of the family would be another story)

Some more photos......

A family mugshot on the depot fan.
A Birney and the X1 on a gunzel trip wait on the siding for the
regular service to depart at the 'Ammo Factory'.
W5 800 waits for SW5 812 to proceed before
leaving the depot.
As X1 460 emerges from under the rail bridge, while
the two W's have a Mexican stand off.
This chicane module will be residential.
The Depot has a switch that can isolate it from the rest of the running lines, so in the event of DC running I do not have to remove DCC trams from the layout and so not to reprogram the rest of the fleet when setting/adjusting CVs while trial running/troubleshooting DCC rollingstock.
From not under the wires at this end of the layout.





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