Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
Model Melbourne trams

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Plotting the course.....for the new year.

Almost two years ago, I posted a punch list of things that I wanted to be done with the layout.

**Sunday, 3 February 2013

Time to get organised.

Several projects have been horribly neglected since becoming besotted with DCC, materials for other projects have stockpiled to the point that the domestic authorities are in the process of intervention.

  •  The illumination of Victoria Street, so far only one module has been completed, The Railway Station. The rest of the layout still resides in the dark ages.

  • Project completed for Caulfield Exhibition.
  • The animation of the crossing gates.
  • Nailed it!
  • The construction of several other classes of Melbourne trams, these will include the W2, X2, VR, PCC 1041 and a Z1/3, plus the reworking/painting of several existing models with the correct decals and the installation of DCC friendly lighting.

  • Needs to improve, I have been distracted by other non Melbourne models, but this W2 from the dark arts of 3D printing looks very interesting. This year this will be the year.

  • The construction of 2 to 3 more modules featuring back scenes such as residential, educational, and industrial to compliment the current retail, recreational and railway aspects, all with simple trackage to offer longer operational running.
  • Planning in progress, intend to do clearance testing of chicane with flexitrack before committing to building module and depot. Watch this space.

  • The updating of the track wiring for DCC, and the elimination of terminal strips in favour of plugs and sockets.

  • Project completed for Caulfield Exhibition, with the ability to run DC
So there is the rundown of what I promised myself, and the results. The Blog not only chronicles the progress of the layout, but is also a reference to projects planned, attempted and executed. This also includes the spontaneous refit of the study that I did last year.

Some housekeeping has also been done, W5 800 which blew a motor at Caulfield has had a heart transplant and is now back in service.

The Bride's parents bought me some weathering pastels (Pan Pastels) for Christmas, I have few Bachmann Brill bodies to practice on before I grubby up my fleet, plus that I have been reliably informed that 'less is more' with this medium unless I want my models to resemble drag queens.

What will the new year will bring...
  • Hopefully an extension to the layout.
  • Some different Melbourne models to be built and modified.
  • More DCC fit outs.
  • Experiments with live overhead on DCC.

From under the wires with a new punch list.



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  1. Great article Glenn.Looking forward to seeing the layout again at its next outing.