Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
Model Melbourne trams

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Plotting the reverse curves..

As stated in the previous post, the planning for the extension of Victoria Street is now a work in progress. The issue is that I have some domestic obligations to abide by in regards to the extension, that is that the study/man cave has a boundary line, that I dare do not cross, as not to invoke the full force of the domestic authorities.

The reverse curves that I have planned for the extension are an example of the town planning that occurs when former Melbourne municipalities employed either different and/or incompetent surveyors to plot aligning streets/roads from one subdivision to another.

There are still to this day plenty of reverse curves of the Melbourne tramway system that obviously traverse within the boundaries of the former municipal authorities, these roads and the real estate were plotted and sub divided when small suburban councils were operated like personal fiefdoms. The tramways came along later, and had to fit the alignment.

Classic examples of these are the route 1 to East Coburg, that cranks from right to left from Lygon St  across and along a short section of Albion St into Holmes St, in East Brunswick.

Another less extreme example is the route 12 to St Kilda/Fitzroy & Park Streets, this deviates from Danks St across Mc Gregor St, to Patterson St, in Middle Park ( the eastern edge of the former City of South Melbourne).

My example, as plotted, forecast and basically dreamt up, is so far according to clearance testing seems to be a working proposition.

The two ends of the layout were plotted, (the railway station and the fiddle yard/new ammo factory) across the available space left in the study and the potential bench/layout area.

The faint pencil lines show the extent of the chicane
module, the ammo factory module to the lower left, the
railway station module to the top right, the three way point
leads into the (future) depot. A Peco set track point has been
plotted to feed the depot three way point.(all going well?)

The Ammo Factory/fiddle yard module will have another
commercial Y point fitted for the siding. I have done away
with building a single blade point for reliability.

The pencil lines show the overhang of the running boards,
as these are my longest/widest bogie trams, all others do fit inside the envelope.
There is enough room for everyone.
Enjoying taking things further than pencil and paper from under the wires,

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