Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
Model Melbourne trams

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Autumn, football and some nice weather for a slide.

Autumn in Melbourne, the start of the football season, cool nights followed by pleasant days, and with being the most 'European' city in Australia has avenues and streets full of deciduous trees, that drop leaves in autumn.

Leaf litter and trams do not really get along, together with damp rails provide the hair raising conditions that can lead to wheel lock when braking resulting in a sudden dump of sand and some choice language from the driver.

The bride at her workplace has a digital die cutter, and for a bit of a test run, punched out some autumn leave for me, maple/plane tree type of leaves, while some were over scale, I had enough for a photo shoot. Now knowing this, I am now thinking of other items to be produced.

On the football front the doggies are back playing at their spiritual home, Whitten Oval (Footscray), their first game this Saturday since 1997 will be played for premiership points. Mind you, it is our VFL side, not our AFL team, nether the less, it's footy and it's local.

From under the wires then off to the game.

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