Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
Model Melbourne trams

Monday, 31 March 2014

The iron age.... corrigated.(not quite)

The 'Victorian Cottage' has now received a good old fashioned roofing, with corrugated iron (made from aluminium foil), the creases and dings/dents add to the character that I like adding to this card model.

All roofed, now for the weathering 
I am also trialling the installation of fibre optic lighting on structures, mainly for external exposed light globes (the back yard light), as it is only a temporary set up for amusement a LED torch light is providing the light source at the moment, therefore the temporary set up.

fibre optic and blutac at one end...
the outside light at the back.
(a warm white LED will be used)
The front before the veranda.
It will have a porch light.
Apologies for the slow progress on this model, as I am having a lot of fun with my own 'Victorian Cottage', 1:1 scale. These houses are the high maintenance blonde of housing, they need a fair bit of effort and cash to look good, and if you do not lavish them, they can look 'trashy' very quickly.
From under the wires and in a heritage overlay.

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