Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
Model Melbourne trams

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Ménage à trois (no, it's not what you think!)

As one does occasionally, I decided to kill time by updating apps on the mobile, call it housekeeping if you want; however, the engine driver app on my android smart phone received its update (v2.8.2.), and now it offers a third throttle slot. Now I don't know if I am a servant to three masters or a master of three servants.

Given that I can run Victoria Street by a bog standard Powercab (v1.28) that has a two recall limit,  together with JMRI and a USB interface plus laptop I can push it a little further, then with either wi throttle/engine drive I can try to trip the current overload of the Powercab. Now with three slots per smartphone who knows what can happen.

A few photos of the new app in action, and yes there was the odd collision.

No good can come from this.

Cutting notches.
It's like herding cats plus spinning plates
at the same time.
I may not leave the house for a while.
from under the wires and irradiated by the wifi.
Regards Glenn.


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