Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
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Saturday, 22 March 2014

The housing issue

After the refit of the man cave, one long forgotten kit has been found and now is in the process of being assembled, the 'Victorian Cottage'.

Now the definition of a 'Victorian Cottage' can start a civil disturbance amongst architects and historians, this card kit more leans towards the Edwardian era (1901-WW1), in real estate speak it would be marketed as....
'Position and Potential'
"this delightful Edwardian home, with subtle Victorian influences close to public transport, features three bedrooms, separate kitchen, laundry, toilet. Period features throughout (OFP), this unpolished gem is a diamond in the rough. Primed for renovation(STCA).

The collection of lean toos.
(note the criminal friendly louvered windows)

In the real world it should read....

'Position and Potential'
Positioned close to fire station, Potential fire trap

"this unrenovated Edwardian home, with unknown influences next to noisy public transport, features two bedrooms and a cupboard, separate kitchen, laundry, toilet.(all built in dodgy lean to style) Period features throughout (OFP) (open fireplaces that has no other heating), this unpolished gem may have asbestos throughout. Primed for demolition (STCA). (subject to lengthy council approval and heritage overlay).

It might need an old couch on the porch and a few
 Tibetan prayer flags before it can pass off as a university
student rental.
This kit looks a little too clean, while I do like its various 'lean to' extensions at the back, the house will need weathered corrugated iron on the roof and as for the wash house (right at the rear) will need to be retro fitted with a dodgy fibro cement finish and some external plumbing. This little cottage needs to be grubby to represent an era before the tide of 'gentrification' swept through the inner suburbs of my little part Melbourne.

This has so far been a fun little build, then I will have to build another module to 'house' it.

more to come from under the wires.

regards Glenn

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  1. Hehe! Excellent back story. Not bad for a card kit, great detail such as the louvered windows you mentioned as well as the curtains and blinds. I also like the color scheme. Nicely done sir! Did you mention "another module"?