Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
Model Melbourne trams

Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Sunday shakedown and a photobomb.

In preparation for the Caulfield Exhibition, testing is currently underway. So far so good, the DCC wiring bus is working, the lighting is working, and most trams are behaving.

Most of the issues are related to details, decals and advertisements, plus some scenic items.

The JMRI and decoderpro passed with flying colours, the spare wifi router did its job, and every device was employed to have a crack at driving.

Seven trams on the go, from the left, two on the powercab, one each on the apple devices,
then three on the android smart phone, plus the USB interface on the right, complete madness!
shakedown Sunday, (this will be more presentable next weekend)
then Sparky decided to drop in and act as starter/inspector, he will
be at home in his cage next weekend, (he is currently going through
 that awkward teenage destructive phase and learning bad language)
From under the wires and close to the exhibition.

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