Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
Model Melbourne trams

Monday, 5 November 2012

My cup runneth over

As I started back in the model rail/tramway caper about four years ago after a long layoff from my mid teenage years. The time in between was taken up by the love of football and thoroughbred racing, (I was a really ordinary footballer and still not that great as a punter/owner either).

In that time I bought a house that is about a kilometre away from Flemington racecourse*, (the wife came later on), well this week is the spring racing carnival, last Saturday was Derby Day, tomorrow (Tuesday) is the time honoured Melbourne Cup(a public holiday), Thursday is Oaks (ladies) Day then the following Saturday is Stakes Day (cash permitting?).

As you can understand, it does get a little busy around here and as I have done for near the last twenty years, I take the week off work. This now gives me time on non racing days to 'run services' on Victoria Street, fit more DCC decoders and just be a Dad. (This explains why there is a racecourse on Victoria Street)

Best of both worlds.
Pretend races on the study shelf, real races on the laptop.
 DCC allows for tighter headway.

More mayhem outside the racecourse.
From under the wires and amongst the losing tote tickets,
Regards Glenn
*For those not from Australia, Flemington would be on par with Royal Ascot (UK), Churchill Downs in Kentucky (USA) or Longchamps (France)

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