Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
Model Melbourne trams

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Little details

With the three trams fitted with DCC running exceptionally well, the thought of lighting comes to mind.
For some reason W5 812 is running a NCE D15SR decoder that has six function light outputs, (two extra outputs) I considered this not only a waste, but also a challenge.

So I lit up the multiple head/tail light assembly on the apron on each end of the tram.

812 indicating the turn from Victoria St into Epsom Rd.

Multiple head/tail light assemblies started making an appearance in the early 70's as part of a road safety push, the same time wearing seat belts became compulsory and driving after downing twenty beers in the pub also became frowned upon.

The layout of the lights on the trams is simple enough, three lights either side of the main head lamp, fitted to a fibre glass profile. The initial sequence from top to bottom was clear (front running), red (tail lamp) and clear again. Later when the Z,A and B classes were introduced, turn indicators and brake lights then became the norm, the W classes (which were being phased out except for the city circle line, #35 and #30 and #78/79) were retro fitted with turn indicators and brake lights within the existing light profile. The sequence from top to bottom is now clear (front running), amber (turn/hazard) and red (tail/brake).

It is the later profile that allowed me to use all the light functions of the decoder.

The LEDs that light the Multiple head/tail light are in the tram body and the light is transmitted through fibre optic threads to the apron, the LEDs and fire optic thread are attached using heatshink sleeving, the beauty of heatshink/fibre optic thread is that space is saved, and it allows easy connect/disconnect when untangling the inside of the tram.

 Some of the madness within.

964 with the original painted marker lights, 812 with hazard lights
on ready to negotiate the crossover.

The other end of 812.

Also, not to be outdone, 812 also has interior lights and cab lighting that also run off the decoder.
While not exactly true to the timeline of Victoria Street, The other trams with marker lights will run the original layout.

Yes, even my wife thinks that I am nuts.

From under the wires

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  1. They look great, sounds like time for another video... Never seen a model tram with working turn indicators yet - that would be a real challenge!