Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
Model Melbourne trams

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

The Sharing of knowledge and other distractions

Now that I have a bit of real estate to play with, and with the layout in the spare room, combined with all sorts of fun I get up to in the shed. I believe now that I may have it good. 

Now for some thing different..........(drum roll..........cymbal crash!!!)

Da Da Daah.....

A colleague of mine has shown interest in having something to run his reasonably contemporary collection of N scale British rollingstock on, but has little to no idea of how to go about it. 

He questioned me on how one goes through the process, the first thing I informed him of, is "that it is his railway, therefore his rules". 

The design brief consists of an oval of twin tracks with two crossovers, an elongated external branch line with passing loop, plus a few sidings all to fit on a 1400mm x 900mm baseboard that can be accommodated in the back of a smallish hatchback. 

After a recon out to the car park to measure up, along a quick sketch of a baseboard frame plan, then printing off several Peco point templates combined with a quick trip to the local big box hardware store for some timber. The concept has been conceived. 

This layout will be DCC with an option to run the odd and only one loco/consist on DC with a flick of a switch. DCC will be provided by the NCE Powercab. 

After the frame of the baseboard was completed and the roughing out of the DCC bus had been installed.  Then there was a pleasant Sunday spent in the shed laying track, sampling some party pies and beverages, listening to old school music along with the VFL grand final on the tv in the corner. Thanks for supervising Brendan

The track work/damage in the shed.

On the Monday, I tidied up some cv's and sorted out some addresses.

Then Glenno Go-Box now features a N scale programming track. 

But it's not all squinting with N scale, I did manage to 'massage' the bend module back into Victoria Street, as I believed that having the racecourse terminus straight after the gates looked somewhat pointless, as any sensible tramway operator would have terminated short of the railway and let the punters walk across the tracks. After this recent foray into N scale, Victoria Street now looks massive!

Order has been restored. 

I have also organised a pull out shelf for the decoder programming laptop and the Powercab that slides neatly into the cabinet under the gates module, thus improving my standing with the domestic authorities. win/win.

Now you see it.

Now you don't. 

Then on top of that I now believe that I have completed my collection of the Victorian Railways motive power that was on offer from Hornby era of the 1960-70's. Mass market modelling at its finest for us in the antipodes. This only happened because Victoria Street was in storage and I had nothing to do. 

You can almost smell the ozone from these  'old school' user serviceable models. 

From the eclectic collection above and beside the slightly extended wires. 


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  1. Hi Glenn, congrats on the new setup. The layout does look larger with the bend. The pullout shelf also works a treat. Kind regards, Barry.