Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
Model Melbourne trams

Sunday, 25 October 2015

This is how we roll.

Just a quick update, I have obtained a set of rolling road (DCC Concepts) for Victoria Street, this will allow myself to fine tune DCC equipped rolling stock and run in some of my recent/sticky DC trams.

This is because there isn't enough running space on the layout for my fleet to get a good gallop up before it finds itself at the other end, and as a point to point shelf layout there also not enough real estate for a complete loop for some "roundy, roundy" action.

'Mind the step'

With enough roller assemblies for six axels, I have the resources to give three, four wheelers a whirl at one time, also the set includes spacers for those who choose to operate in other gauges, now to get the good laptop off the bride so I can start dyno testing the DCC fleet with JMRI.

A closer look.

Eventually I will set up some track on a plinth with both HO and N scale, with a feed from the layout operated/isolated by a switch, for running in/ programming purposes, as the only place I can slot these rollers on the layout is on the open ballasted track at the Ammo factory module

Watching the wheels turn but not going anywhere,

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