Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
Model Melbourne trams

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Watching the grass grow.

A little bit of horticulture has taken place at the junction, the old house is bedded into some natural surrounds, some badly kept lawn and a couple of trees. The grass came from the Easter guinea pig, and the trees are Noch.

The grass came off in clumps from the donor rabbit, so when glued to the painted 'dirt' around the house it does look more realistic than the 'hair raising' method of a static applicator*, this allows the clumps to show a hint of terra firma between the foliage while not being dragged the same way by the laws of physics.

'An established neighbourhood'
In keeping to the time frame of years past before the local authorities (Council/EPA) ruined the art of backyard pyromania involving waste disposal, we have an incinerator fashioned from a 44 gallon drum. (Today they are called fire pits, braziers and chimineas!)
"Ahh, the serenity"
 The drive way, house, vehicles and chattels all received a dusting of pan pastels for that hint of neglect.
A small corner of the world.
A dull winters afternoon.
The back yard.
All that is missing is the Hills Hoist.
*A static applicator was discussed about with the domestic authorities, but was knocked back due to the potential of a mess during the process and the small amount of real estate requiring treatment, the short answer was NO! 
From next to wires while watching stuff burn with a few beers.





  1. Looking very real Glenn. By static applicator do you mean a flocking gizmo?