Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
Model Melbourne trams

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Works at the Junction and the Depot.

Since the Easter break, there has been some more work done to the layout, the paving of the 'junction' and the depot is now completed with tarmac and road markings.

W5 800 cars out from the depot, while SW6 870
observes the compulsory stop at the facing points of the 'junction'.
870 picks a break in traffic to pull out from the Ammo Factory,
while 800 is edging across the junction.
As you can see in the above photos, neither the concrete of the tram tracks, or the tarmac and road markings are dead flat or ruler straight, as per prototype. The tarmac is 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper, cut and trimmed to size, the edges are dressed with a grey felt tipped pen, patches of 'tarmac' are glued to the 'concrete' of the tram tracks for pot hole/broken rail repairs.
The road markings/clearance lines are strips of office paper cut to a width of just over 1mm, then glued with PVA directly to the road surface.
The Depot roads received a similar treatment of tarmac, clearance lines and fouling marks.
Rollingstock lined up at the Depot.
The fouling marks are between the rails on the individual roads, no tram is to proceed past, or be berthed over them when another tram is in the area, so not to have a collision, the clearance lines are so other vehicles are aware of the potential overhang of the rollingstock. The white dusty marks on the tarmac are where the drivers have tested their sanders before entering service.
The fouling marks and clearance lines at work.

Looking out from road 2 at the Depot
along Victoria Street.
This weekend marks the one hundredth anniversary of the start of the Gallipoli campaign, and in turn the observance of Anzac Day,(Australia's memorial/remembrance day).  I did a post a few years ago about this and its significance.
This year I assembled a few more people around the cenotaph at the Victoria St and Epsom Rd end of the layout.
'Lest We Forget'

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