Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
Model Melbourne trams

Saturday, 21 March 2015

And still nothing done.

The first week of my annual leave is almost done and not a cracker has been done on Victoria Street. As I work through the list of other tasks designated, the main one this week is improving the storage of books in the front room, which included a trip to the Swedish shop of flat pack furniture plus a side trip to the hardware store.

While this project may not be directly layout related, the construction of the 'library' will result in freeing up space in the man cave of literature..

So far the art of hanging cabinets on a wall the is twelve feet long and eleven feet high with a door in that wall, has utilised my years of engineering experience and know how.

All was going well with the mounting of the timber rails which will support the cabinetry until I received a short, sharp lesson in one of Newtons Laws of Physics, gravity!  Yes, I went base over apex off the ladder and trestle. The resulting crash together with an outburst of some old Anglo Saxon, had the bride running up the hall to see what mischief that I had done to myself.

As I lay somewhat uncomfortably on the floor and some construction materials, blinking and slowly doing a stocktake of potential injuries, the bride inquired if I was all right. (Does it look all right!)

I extracted myself from the mayhem slightly winded, nothing broken, nothing bleeding, but knowing full well that this will hurt eventually,  with the resulting bruising that is somewhat similar to ones that cranky thoroughbreds deliver.

After a coffee break, and some words of self belief such as "suck it princess", I tidied up the work area before Worksafe were notified, and continued on, a little more slowly and  carefully than before.

From under the debris in the front room.

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