Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
Model Melbourne trams

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Extending Services......?

While the layout 'works' at the moment, it does require a fair level of 'plonking' to rotate rollingstock at the fiddle yard end.  In reality the layout requires a depot, not a big one but one that would allow the stabling of trams and the ability to shuffle trams on certain roads to suit certain needs, without the issue of  'manhandling'.

I have cunningly devised a possible extension that may do this, first the original fiddle yard becomes another terminus, the space between the fiddle yard and the 'Railway station' becomes a chicane that allows the establishment of a small three road depot behind the 'new terminus'. (laughs manically while forming his fingers into a steeple like manner while chanting "Excellent, excellent")

This 'Chicane module' would offset the layout into the foreground, while freeing up space at the rear for the Depot.  The Chicane module therefore would be twice as deep as the other modules, but would free up some real estate for some residential development.

Now what would be the scene of the new terminus, another retail strip/beach type could work, but I was thinking more along the lines of an industrial setting. The inspiration for this terminus is the route 57 West Maribyrnong, which terminates at the Commonwealth of Australia/Defence Department Explosives Factory at West Maribyrnong, oddly enough.

This terminus features some open ballasted track, that once upon a time, had a siding for extra trams during shift changes at the factory, and then for quite a while did not see Saturday afternoon/Sunday services, which it lent itself for a great place for layovers for enthusiast's excursions. This ticks a few boxes for the scenario at the other end of Victoria St.

The Explosives Factory at Maribyrnong has been around for over a century, original making cordite, then moving onto TNT, then other stuff that could give you a nasty rash. The tramline was extended over the Maribyrnong River in 1941 as things were a little tense then that led to some urgent oil/petrol rationing, this tramline provided workers (mostly women) to service the war effort.

The inspiration...
An old photo of the West Maribyrnong terminus with siding,
 the explosives factory to the right, Cordite Road on the left,
 (note the single blade point for the siding)
The plan...
This is a rough draft, the fun part will be making it all fit.
Because a layout is never finished,
From under the wires with a pencil and some paper.



  1. Gotta like single bladed points..... I think you can buy them for HO.

    1. G'day Trev,
      If I can't, I might have a crack myself, complete with long inside check rail for the curve. Keep up your good work.

  2. And your going to have a 3 way.....That should be worth a few blog posts.....