Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Railway Apartments - Unreal Estate

The current real estate fad around Footscray for the past few years is the "Urban Renewal" of some of the few local watering holes (pubs), some these were never going to be the Savoy in London or the Waldorf Astoria in New York, they were honest working class establishments.

So Vale to....
The Pioneer Hotel - Ballarat Rd, Footscray.
The Royal Hotel  - corner of  Droop and Barkly St, Footscray.
The Barkly Hotel - oddly enough in Barkly St, Footscray.
The Albert Hotel - Essex St, West Footscray.
The Rising Sun Hotel - Geelong Rd, West Footscray.

These proud pubs did not sell their soul to the demon poker machine, they fell due to the combination of changing demographics, the doggies playing home games first at Princes' Park then Docklands, crippling council rates and  liquor licencing fees, they ended up being passed around from developer to developer with their cash grab ideas.

So as a protest/send up of the whole process, I have cobbled together a  collection of stills as a 'marketing promo'.


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